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Microcontroller Design (Crwperi) Beta 1.0


This page provides a beta version microcontroller implemented on PLD for download. Crwperi is software compatible to Intel MCS-51, specifically 8051.


About microcontroller:

Microcontroller is a flexible electronic component in simple control circuit. It consists of a micro processor core and commonly used peripherals such as timers and UART. 

Figure 1. Top level symbol.


About tools:

The design is simulated using Altera MAX+Plus II 10.0 BaseLine. The microcontroller is fully functional if placed on today's mid range PLD(Programmable Logic Device) or FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array). These devices provide flexible digital circuit design by virtually eliminate the requirement of multiple ICs. For example, using Altera ACEX1K30(which is less than $20 per unit), fitting a Crwperi core on the device consumes about 80% of the device resources. There are resources left for other components. More than 80 of the microcontroller cores can be fit simultaneously on today's single most high-end PLD!


Core Availability:

Crwperi Beta 1.0 is available for download. All instructions are implemented but not fully simulated. Basic features are functional except Timers and UART.


Table 1. Simulated instruction.


Helps require:



The required files to use Crwperi are zipped in the following file ( Contained in the zipped file: (175Kb)

Documentation on the design steps of Crwperi will be provided for download later.


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